In this video I take you through the fitting of some of the custom aluminium parts. Also the plans for the upcoming future are explained. The video is actually a compilation of 2 videos. You can see in the second part I have done some things I explained in the first video. I hope you enjoy it.

I finally can show the custom parts I designed and drew up in 3D with the help of my friend Django. We then sent 3D pictures and expanded all drawings into 2D cutting format. Sent them over to the metal shop for plasma cutting. Then with some heavy machinery the parts were bended to obtain the correct angles. And these are the parts and this is where they need to go. I am making brackets to fit everything and modifying them here and there as I am typing this. So enough work for the next update!

Hey everyone, this week I finally received my first batch of aluminium to go to work on the case itself.  With these panels I am starting with a new front panel (well temporary front panel) and a motherboard tray extender. In the spot where usually the HDD cages are will now come a 2nd 240mm radiator (placed vertically). So the case needs to be strong there and 1,5mm thick aluminium will do the trick. I started out with cutting the previous front of the case out of it because I am not going to be placing fans there. Then I…

Hey everyone, I made a short video of the cover plates for the waterblocks. I have made all kinds of 3D drawings and ordered aluminium sheets. But I haven’t received them yet sadly.  

Hi everyone, in this video I have mounted the motherboard in the case with memory and cooler and waterblock. I am explaining on the case what I am going to do where on and in the case. It gives an insight in what is going on in my head with regards to the design. Tim

Hi everyone, awaiting some other things I just can’t show you yet as they’re not done I made this update showing the new look of the motherboard. Next to this the fandesign of some fans I didn’t know Zalman had but now I do I am liking them a LOT!

Zalman teaser shot

I have been working on another video update but it is not quite done yet. So in the meantime a teaser shot of a Zalman product I received this week to support the project. In all honesty I did not know Zalman had this product in their line-up. Perhaps because a lot of shops do not carry them. But I already liked them on photos and in real life I like them even more. I will show them very soon in their full glory and will explain why I like them so much. Untill then, can you guess what it…

Hey everyone, in this video I show the case I will be using and I am talking about what plans I have for the project. What colour scheme, what influenced me to go this route and what I am still struggling with. A shout to Ronnie Hara; thanks for the help with the idea 🙂

Hi everyone, here is the first vlog I made. I know one thing for sure, I won’t end up a Hollywood star xD I hereby present the brands and their products for this project. See you soon in future updates. Tim

Hi everyone, I am going to try and do something different this time. I am used to always make buildlogs on forums with a lot of photos and text between the photos so people can read what I was doing at that particular moment leading to that photo. Because we are keeping a special blog here on the Modding Trophy 2015 website I made the choice to do something different from the usual. I am going to try and make the blog a video-blog with videos of the project and sometimes videos of me trying to let you know what…