Hello all, Small work for the week, I advance slowly. Wait for my aluminum plate to continue the mod. 🙂 CNC manual machine !:p

Hello everyone, Time to show you all the parts provided by Thermaltake for the CoreX9 mod. A big thank to Thermaltake for the quality of this equipment and their support ! (All pictures is clickable to enlarge) Riing 12 White led : Riing 12 RGB : Lumi Color White led strip : Commander FT Touch Screen Fan Controller: Pacific W2 CPU WaterBlock : Pacific P1 Black D5 Watercooling Pump : Pacific R15 Reservoir : Pacific RL480 Radiator : V-Tubler PETG Tube Ø16mm : A lot of Thermaltake Fittings : And their packaging, piece per piece ! Again, Thank you Thermaltake

Hello everyone ! This week, I’ve decided to cut a lot of the case for rebuild it that way it would suit me best for rest. Much will be redone with aluminum angle, square and plate. And a little teaser : Guess what it is going to serve. Kind regards XTSX.

Hello All, This is my main idea for the inside of the case. Nothing is final .. Also, I started the cuts for my integration. (Photo made quickly, I just got back from vacation.)

First step, complete disassembly of the case in order to work on it..     No need to Unbox ! All fit in the core X9 ! 😀  

Such Nice Hardware for the Modding Trophy 2015. Thank INTEL, G.Skill, Samsung, ASROCK, Inno3D and LDLC ! Inno3D GTX 980 Ti   ASRock Z97 Extreme9   G.Skill XM Series RipJaws X   Intel Core i7-4790K   Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512 Go