Hey everyone, in this video I show the case I will be using and I am talking about what plans I have for the project. What colour scheme, what influenced me to go this route and what I am still struggling with. A shout to Ronnie Hara; thanks for the help with the idea 🙂

Hi everyone, here is a small tiny update on this. More videos incoming soon. Getting the hang of it haha.  

Hi everyone, here is the first vlog I made. I know one thing for sure, I won’t end up a Hollywood star xD I hereby present the brands and their products for this project. See you soon in future updates. Tim

Hi everyone, I am going to try and do something different this time. I am used to always make buildlogs on forums with a lot of photos and text between the photos so people can read what I was doing at that particular moment leading to that photo. Because we are keeping a special blog here on the Modding Trophy 2015 website I made the choice to do something different from the usual. I am going to try and make the blog a video-blog with videos of the project and sometimes videos of me trying to let you know what…