LDLC Modding Trophy is coming Back! Here comes finally this new session of our modding Contest. This year LDLC brake fontiers and recruits internationnal competitor to enhance trophy quality… We are glad to welcome : Thomas Scherrer from France Ronnie Hara from Japan Peter Brands from Netherlands Justin Ohlsen from Sweden. Tim Warning from Netherlands   All theses modders will work with prestigious brand in the way to realse the best mod : Thermaltake, Cooler Master, InWin, Be Quiet, Fractal Design and Zalman ! You will be able to follow all modders and brands through this blog. Feel free to comment and…

Unboxing Hardware

Hello everyone again. I post here the photos kindly provided by sponsors.  

Such Nice Hardware for the Modding Trophy 2015. Thank INTEL, G.Skill, Samsung, ASROCK, Inno3D and LDLC ! Inno3D GTX 980 Ti   ASRock Z97 Extreme9   G.Skill XM Series RipJaws X   Intel Core i7-4790K   Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512 Go    

  Just arrived in the field of the modding, Justin fast jumped ahead of the other PC modders by creating PC mods of a high technicality – But retaining classy and uncluttered design. This modder understands that to stay relative to his unique style, nothing in his designs serves to fall into visual debauchery – but rather to create mods with powerful style, but still maintain the associations of forms, colors,  harmony, balance, and symmetry. His way of modding is thus defined as industrialist where everything seems efficient: Thanks to this style, Justin is, really, a formidable competitor!

Peter is a casemodder and liquid cooling enthusiast, online also known as ‘L3p’. He likes to do things different. Some might know him for his desk builds like L3p D3sk, Cross desk or Raz3r D3sk … and his tendency for UV green themes. In the background he likes to work with several hardware and liquid cooling companies on design, functionality and testing their products.

Ronnie is an international, known and recognized modder. He possess to his credit several victories in competitions of modding (he is victorious in particular of the very difficult contest Bit-Tech Mod of the year in 2013). His talent is such higher at the moment that he is one of the judges of the renowned contest « casemod worldseries » by Cooler Master ! He owns a singular peculiarity in his working style : he makes mod according to very precise themes (he realized for example a mod with the aestheticism of a skyline car GTR, an other one with the…