Customizing Fans

Hello everyone!! This week I made a few more small case details. Today will post pictures of the stickers made for the fans. I tried to take a paper of case color with chrome stickers. I hope you like the final result. Many thanks again to all who follow this event and to all the sponsors.      

Hello again everyone. Today I’ll post some small progress made in the case. The Stickers of some Components were ready. I still want to make some changes on the outside of the case, but I’m still not a lot of ideas. I hope you enjoy the result of this work this week. Thank you all again    

Hi all! So I mounted the pump 🙂 also preparing some small ideas for the PSU Then I got the idea to flip the GPU .. such a shame if we only see the backplate. So will be using the best extender I ever tried (up to 60cm) Maybe under an angle?

Hello once again 🙂 I am back once again to present a new back panel which I have hand made from 2mm thick aluminium which will cover the back panel of the Define S chassis. Here you should be able to see where I have made cut outs in the removable side panels, which is where this custom fabricated panel sits recessed into. A perfect fit, and a nice design tough other than a boring regular rectangle 😉 So what do you guys think? Kind regards, Justin “MetallicAcid” Ohlsen

Hello everyone! I’m here with some updates of case progress. Finished paint with varnish and after this, I set up just to have a preview of the case. I hope you like the result. Thanks again to all who follow this topic and to all the sponsors and organizers of this event.  

Hey there everyone, After alot of thinking and tinkering, I decided that I would have to change the orientation of the chassis so that the front intake is no longer on the left side of the chassis as seen in a previous post, but rather on the right side. I went ahead and made this change because of a few reasons: Those reasons being that the side panels fit better, I do not have to mod the front inner panel where the fans and radiator attach, and I can reuse the inside motherboard panel as a support IF I need…

Hello everyone!! Today post here some pictures made of the painting in case parts. I did not realize it would have so much trouble. I could just paint with color Roux. I could not finish with varnish due to the strong winds that had this weekend. I hope you enjoy the result.     Before finalizing the painting, I had to remove the tape and pass a stylus in order to remove the excess paint on the side of acrylic    

Hi all! In my previous post you could see a video of me mounting the blocks. Here are also some photos. This was when I mounted the CPU and memory block. Always love to see this .. a naked GPU 🙂 Little mod to the memory block And the GPU block mounted. And here some photos of all polished blocks mounted. Till next time!

Hello once again! This next update is one one of the smaller details of this project will streamline my design and vision. I am of course talking about the front IO area 🙂 Here I cover all USB and 3.5mm jack holes with a plastic filler, sand everything down, then give this cover a new paint job. I am still undecided though if I want to change the button or not… That is it for this update. Short and sweet 🙂 Best regards, Justin “MetallicAcid” Ohlsen

Hello everyone!! Many thanks to all who follow this forum. I am here this week with a few more minor updates. I believe that this week I end up painting the rest of the pieces. My intention is to paint it all-purple in color and leave only the yellow edges equal to the robot’s body. I’m having a lot of work just to put the tape in order to isolate the edges. I hope you enjoy the result.