Hello all, Tiny little update today, I have got some problem with Plexiglass doors than I wished realize for the mod. Otherwise here are the custom reservoir 😉

Hello once again to my project update 🙂 I took the time to finally install the mighty fine water cooling blocks onto the GPU and motherboard this week. For the GPU, I have decided to use the water block from EK which suits the GTX980Ti and GTX Titan X reference GPU. I picked the acetel and nickel version version as it suits the toned down theme that I am aiming for with the inside of this project. For the CPU, I have decided to use the waterblock/pump combo made by Fractal Design, which is supplied with the Kelvin S36 AIO…

Episode 14: afterburner

In this video I show you the new parts I made for the top of the case. Especially the new top grill that will have the visual function of being the “afterburner” of the fighter jet 🙂

Hello everyone!! Today post more photos of case progress. I took a bit of my holiday to be able to do many things inside the case. I hope you like the result. First I cut the back of the case in order to reverse the tray of Mobo.     Next step was to cut an aluminum plate to the back cover         Next step was to make the top         cutting a piece of the reservoir       and the last step was to make the PSU cover        …

And the last sleeving! The pump, the LEDs, powerbutton and the fans. Decided to change all the connectors so they can be plugged directly into the Bequiet PSU. Using 2 ultra bright Nanoxia ledstrips. Much better. At first I wanted to hide the cables with the second dark blue panel. But when I tried the clips on the back I might even cancel the second panel. Vandal switch on the back with blue LED. And adding LEDS to the GPU. I like the result. And with panel on. Happy new year every one!

Making covers

Hello everyone. This week I made small updates on the case.I was still a little hesitant to use acrylic or aluminum for the manufacture of internal covers. I decided to put the aluminum color to decorate with the rest of the pieces of Water Cooler. Next week will bring more interior shots of the case. Many thanks again and all accompanying this topic.                    

Sleeving Part 2

And here the second part of sleeving the PSU. Had to shorten each wire for this build. Temporary using clips to keep them in order. And an extra panel for the PSU. Testing the PSU. In place And some testing with the lighting .. 🙂

In this video I unpacked and showed the sleeving goodies I ordered for this system. Next video will show a build update again.

Hello to each and every one of you!! I would like to show you my progress on one of the key features of my modding project which is still unnamed, starring the Define S chassis from Fractal Design. This key feature I would like to show my work up to this day is this custom made motherboard panel, which houses the motherboard rotated at a 90degree angle as compared to the normal orientation. This motherboard panel also features a wooden trim and MetallicAcid logo carved out by hand into the aluminium, which will highlight the wood which will be glued…

Hello everyone, ASRock Z97 Extrem 9 completed with chrome/mirror dissipator : And to continue, first step of tubing 😉 : I wish all a wonderful end-of-year celebration and a well-deserved break. Kind regards, XTSX @ Thomas Scherrer