Another challenge, I hope you enjoy!

Hello guys. I would like to show this week to finish small details that were still missing to complete. I would like to thank again everyone who always accompany this topic.        

I am happy to show you the finished parts for the build. All painted by me. It was long journey haha. With errors and mishaps, getting back up and trying again. Not unhappy with the end result. Really amazing colours in real life. Very fresh orange and metallic black. Now it will be building the system back up! Tim

Hey everyone, I did a short video on the caseparts that I put into primer. Some parts I sadly was already painting but had gone wrong so I had to sand them down after drying and prime then again. I told this before but this is my first spray attempt using a paintgun instead of using cans. So I am still learning ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the video! Tim

In this video I show the final modifications to the case itself. After this it is time to paint all the modified parts.   Tim

I always like to spend a lot of time on the buildlog with a lot of photos. (Also clickable to big format) With this big update I needed to find some time but .. Meanwhile I’m re-doing the livingroom, paint, wallpaper, ceiling, lighting etc. Promised it my wife 8 months ago, some guys will understand .. there’s no way back once promised ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally .. the loop! Decided to go for a 50/50 loop, half bends and half angled fittings. Not much space and already loosing skin from fittings ๐Ÿ™‚ A little further. Lovely deburrer. Front view Decided to re-mod…

At last… The homestretch of LDLC Modding Trophy is finally coming! All Modders will soon send back to our Jury in Paris their Mod for a final rating. The Final Date is now known : they will present their creation on March the 3rd in front of invited people and a special jury of hardware and modders Specialists. Then we will discover the winnerโ€™s name of this third Edition of LDLC Modding trophy. Save the date and stay Tuned with our social networks to be the first to know the Final Ranking and which Mod will be consecrated!

Hello everyone!! This week show mounting the water cooler system. I chose to put the chrome pipes of Bitspower. I hope you like the final result. Many thanks to all who follow this topic, all the organizers and sponsors of this event.              

Welcome back to another update of the modding log. In this episode I show off he grills and internal covers I have been working on. Things are coming together more and more. Soon I will be completley done with al aluminium work. Tim

Hello guys!! I am here this week to post the continuation of last week’s work. Today show the cover I did of Motherboard back along with finishing some small details.