Hello everyone This week will show some of the work done in the cables. I hope you like the result.            

Core X9 Side

Hello, Today some pictures of the side panel for the core X9. Lots of PMMA pieces assembled.

In this video I take you through the fitting of some of the custom aluminium parts. Also the plans for the upcoming future are explained. The video is actually a compilation of 2 videos. You can see in the second part I have done some things I explained in the first video. I hope you enjoy it.

Power Cable V2

I just had to change it 🙂 Got some wire and pins at work. And there we go 🙂 Totally love the result!

Hello all ! Little update to show you the final cover plate for the gpu and MB.

Sleeve and more

Sleeving package from Sleeve-modding has arrived! These look beautiful! Will come to good use in the next updates 🙂 Sleeve and heat shrink in several diameters. And off course connectors First thing I wanted to do was the power cable. I was already happy with this result. However I already changed it .. 🙂 More about it this week!

I finally can show the custom parts I designed and drew up in 3D with the help of my friend Django. We then sent 3D pictures and expanded all drawings into 2D cutting format. Sent them over to the metal shop for plasma cutting. Then with some heavy machinery the parts were bended to obtain the correct angles. And these are the parts and this is where they need to go. I am making brackets to fit everything and modifying them here and there as I am typing this. So enough work for the next update!

Hello once again my friends! Today’s update is where I create a new custom panel which will cover the rear panel of the chassis, and the floor.. All from one piece of custom cut, brushed, and bent alumunium. This was a little difficult to make as I do not have access to a metal bender, so I had to bend this panel with the “tools” that I had on hand… 1x table 1x metal shelf 80kg weight (me…) 1x wooden plank Certainly a challenge, which resulted in a lot of sweating and swearing. 🙂 End result is amazing though 😀…

Hello guys!! I am here this week with some project updates. This week show the sleeves and small parts that arrived from store Do It Yourself Modding. And a small modification of SSD .Very thank you for the great help of the organizers and sponsors of this event.        

Sleeving Time !

Hello All, Pictures/tuto for sleeving 😉 See you next week for the next step! King regards, XTSX