There it is, episode 21. The final video of the “making of” the project. The mod now has a name; Zalman Z11 RAPT’R. The name comes from the F22 Raptor fighter jet who I have used a bit in terms of certain shapes. It was a big inspiration for me. Of course not all the shapes I have used, just elements. This video shows you around the finished mod. Both in daylight and in the dark with the system powered on. Now you can really see the special orange UV coolant react to all the UV light in the case. The…

Well here is a video of the system being filled up. It is not too fluent as the PWM pump does not go full power unless hooked up to a working system. Very annoying. I need a workaround for that. Maybe some sort of pwm controller to go with my loop filling PSU.

In this episode I walk you around the loop I made using PETG tubing and hardline fittings. I also talk about some of the design aspects of it and what coolant I will be using.

I am happy to show you the finished parts for the build. All painted by me. It was long journey haha. With errors and mishaps, getting back up and trying again. Not unhappy with the end result. Really amazing colours in real life. Very fresh orange and metallic black. Now it will be building the system back up! Tim

Hey everyone, I did a short video on the caseparts that I put into primer. Some parts I sadly was already painting but had gone wrong so I had to sand them down after drying and prime then again. I told this before but this is my first spray attempt using a paintgun instead of using cans. So I am still learning 🙂 Enjoy the video! Tim

In this video I show the final modifications to the case itself. After this it is time to paint all the modified parts.   Tim

Welcome back to another update of the modding log. In this episode I show off he grills and internal covers I have been working on. Things are coming together more and more. Soon I will be completley done with al aluminium work. Tim

Episode 14: afterburner

In this video I show you the new parts I made for the top of the case. Especially the new top grill that will have the visual function of being the “afterburner” of the fighter jet 🙂

In this video I unpacked and showed the sleeving goodies I ordered for this system. Next video will show a build update again.

I have now added all custom panels to the case and I am discussing where to go from here.