First step, complete disassembly of the case in order to work on it..     No need to Unbox ! All fit in the core X9 ! đŸ˜€  

Such Nice Hardware for the Modding Trophy 2015. Thank INTEL, G.Skill, Samsung, ASROCK, Inno3D and LDLC ! Inno3D GTX 980 Ti   ASRock Z97 Extreme9   G.Skill XM Series RipJaws X   Intel Core i7-4790K   Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512 Go    

A great Power Supply  

Some pictures of Thermaltake Core X9 case.

Already present during the previous edition, his profile is very interesting because he knows how to mod an existing case, but especially, he masters the delicate art of “Scratch Build”, worth knowing to realize his mod from scratch. The amplitude of his work allows him a sober and classy style, with small “distinguished” touches which « highlight » his realizations, and thanks to the quality of his work where the finishes are made with accuracy and or the choices of colors are intelligent. Considering all of this, Thomas is a very severe competitor and we saw that last year. In…