Hello All, This week I switched to painting the new plates for the case 😉 (Painting is not my favorite work.. ) The new Cover for the Asrock Z97, Also need to be painted. And finally a mystery item ! There will be 2 😉

Hello ! Next Step : little modification on the PSU with a Thermaltake LUMI Color LED Strip. I/O Panel moved and the middle/MBTray in place with lighting test. And to end some Thermaltake water cooling components 😉

Hello everyone While waiting to move a little more on the case, I start modding the component. Small alterations to the Memory to fit with the theme of the case. I also have project for the GPU Nvidia GTX 980Ti Inno3D and Powersupply Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1050W. Stay tuned 😉

Hello all ! Some test in cardboard to cover the motherboard Asrock Z97 Extreme 9. A final version will be made in PMMA. Quelque teste avec du carton pour couvrir la carte mère Asrock ! Une version final sera réalisé en pmma/plexi. And 2 aluminum plate with the cutting for 480mm radiator, as well as some pictures of Thermaltake Riing RGB fan. Egalement les 2 plaques d’aluminium avec les découpes pour les 4 ventilateurs de 120mm, ainsi que quelque photos des Riing RGB.

Hello ! Little update with plates fixing (adjustment and cuts remains to be done) and the 5.25 support redone in aluminium. Petite mise a jour avec la fixation des plaques ( des ajustements et découpes reste a faire) ainsi que le support 5.25 refait en aluminium avec l’assemblage du Thermatlake Commander FT Touch Screen Fan Controller et d’une commande pour ventilateur Riing RGB.

Hi All ! This week I worked on the front and rear plate for the mod. Many cutting in a 2mm aluminum plate, for a perfect fit. In extra, picture of the box with fixed angles and tubes. Bonjour a tous, cette semaine j’ai travaillé sur la plaque avant et arrière pour le mod. Beaucoup de découpe dans une plaque d’alu de 2mm. Également, quelque photo du boitier avec les cornières et tubulaires fixés. Finition… Now it’s time to assemble il est temps de tout monter sur le boitier.

Hello all, Small work for the week, I advance slowly. Wait for my aluminum plate to continue the mod. 🙂 CNC manual machine !:p

Hello everyone, Time to show you all the parts provided by Thermaltake for the CoreX9 mod. A big thank to Thermaltake for the quality of this equipment and their support ! (All pictures is clickable to enlarge) Riing 12 White led : Riing 12 RGB : Lumi Color White led strip : Commander FT Touch Screen Fan Controller: Pacific W2 CPU WaterBlock : Pacific P1 Black D5 Watercooling Pump : Pacific R15 Reservoir : Pacific RL480 Radiator : V-Tubler PETG Tube Ø16mm : A lot of Thermaltake Fittings : And their packaging, piece per piece ! Again, Thank you Thermaltake

Hello everyone ! This week, I’ve decided to cut a lot of the case for rebuild it that way it would suit me best for rest. Much will be redone with aluminum angle, square and plate. And a little teaser : Guess what it is going to serve. Kind regards XTSX.

Hello All, This is my main idea for the inside of the case. Nothing is final .. Also, I started the cuts for my integration. (Photo made quickly, I just got back from vacation.)