Finally finished! I’ll name it .. ‘L3peau’ 🙂 (Click for highres)   The first time when I saw the In Win D-Frame I thought … Liquidcooling! Tubing! More than a year later I got invited for the LDLC Modding Trophy to work with In Win and Bequiet, I felt so honored! Also very excited because I could finally see what could be done with the D-Frame Mini. My goal was to actually use the frame as a reservoir for the pc inside. With this mod I tried to use as many as possible easy tools like a jigsaw, handsaw, file,…

Just wanted to share these few photos before I make my final post 🙂 I got some questions about what fittings I used to do this. Well this is the complete kit: Also had to test the system on a 4K tv, love the GTX980Ti! And the build .. and me 🙂 Time to pack!

Last update before final photos! 🙂 I first filled the system with clear liquid to fully test the loop and hardware. Always test the loop with just your pump connected. Loop and temperatures fine. So time to drain and fill with Aurora 2 My daughter kept asking if she could help … sure princess 🙂 And the new liquid. Some last adjustments. Removed the filling-reservoir and replaced it with a pressure fitting. Last adjustment I did. (Eventhough it was after the final photos 🙂 ) On to the next and final update!

Another challenge, I hope you enjoy!

I always like to spend a lot of time on the buildlog with a lot of photos. (Also clickable to big format) With this big update I needed to find some time but .. Meanwhile I’m re-doing the livingroom, paint, wallpaper, ceiling, lighting etc. Promised it my wife 8 months ago, some guys will understand .. there’s no way back once promised 😀 Finally .. the loop! Decided to go for a 50/50 loop, half bends and half angled fittings. Not much space and already loosing skin from fittings 🙂 A little further. Lovely deburrer. Front view Decided to re-mod…

And the last sleeving! The pump, the LEDs, powerbutton and the fans. Decided to change all the connectors so they can be plugged directly into the Bequiet PSU. Using 2 ultra bright Nanoxia ledstrips. Much better. At first I wanted to hide the cables with the second dark blue panel. But when I tried the clips on the back I might even cancel the second panel. Vandal switch on the back with blue LED. And adding LEDS to the GPU. I like the result. And with panel on. Happy new year every one!

Sleeving Part 2

And here the second part of sleeving the PSU. Had to shorten each wire for this build. Temporary using clips to keep them in order. And an extra panel for the PSU. Testing the PSU. In place And some testing with the lighting .. 🙂

Since the D-Frame mini is quite small I also had to shorten all cables. First the CPU power connector. Heatshrinkless. And the GPU power cables.

Power Cable V2

I just had to change it 🙂 Got some wire and pins at work. And there we go 🙂 Totally love the result!

Sleeve and more

Sleeving package from Sleeve-modding has arrived! These look beautiful! Will come to good use in the next updates 🙂 Sleeve and heat shrink in several diameters. And off course connectors First thing I wanted to do was the power cable. I was already happy with this result. However I already changed it .. 🙂 More about it this week!