Hello all!! I am here again to show the theme that I decided to do this time. The theme will be the NoisyBoy. The famous Japanese robot the Real Steel movie played by actor Hugh Jackman. I will try to make this project something that resembles a lot with this wonderful robot. It will be a very big challenge for me up to now I have never done anything like this, I hope you like the result and will post photos as the project progresses. Thank you for all that follow this topic.

Unboxing Hardware

Hello everyone again. I post here the photos kindly provided by sponsors.  

Master Case Pro 5

Hello everyone !! First I would like to thank all organizers, participants and followers of this event This is my first post here and would like to share with all this wonderful case from Cooler Master. Cooler Master ( Master Case Pro 5)  

Ronnie is an international, known and recognized modder. He possess to his credit several victories in competitions of modding (he is victorious in particular of the very difficult contest Bit-Tech Mod of the year in 2013). His talent is such higher at the moment that he is one of the judges of the renowned contest « casemod worldseries » by Cooler Master ! He owns a singular peculiarity in his working style : he makes mod according to very precise themes (he realized for example a mod with the aestheticism of a skyline car GTR, an other one with the…