Customizing Fans

Hello everyone!! This week I made a few more small case details. Today will post pictures of the stickers made for the fans. I tried to take a paper of case color with chrome stickers. I hope you like the final result. Many thanks again to all who follow this event and to all the sponsors.      

Hello again everyone. Today I’ll post some small progress made in the case. The Stickers of some Components were ready. I still want to make some changes on the outside of the case, but I’m still not a lot of ideas. I hope you enjoy the result of this work this week. Thank you all again    

Hello everyone! I’m here with some updates of case progress. Finished paint with varnish and after this, I set up just to have a preview of the case. I hope you like the result. Thanks again to all who follow this topic and to all the sponsors and organizers of this event.  

Hello everyone!! Today post here some pictures made of the painting in case parts. I did not realize it would have so much trouble. I could just paint with color Roux. I could not finish with varnish due to the strong winds that had this weekend. I hope you enjoy the result.     Before finalizing the painting, I had to remove the tape and pass a stylus in order to remove the excess paint on the side of acrylic    

Hello everyone!! Many thanks to all who follow this forum. I am here this week with a few more minor updates. I believe that this week I end up painting the rest of the pieces. My intention is to paint it all-purple in color and leave only the yellow edges equal to the robot’s body. I’m having a lot of work just to put the tape in order to isolate the edges. I hope you enjoy the result.  

Hello guys! I’m here with some project progress. I’m still preparing all parts before painting. I would have painted everything today, but the number of pieces still can not make ready to paint. Next week I think will finish all part of the painting. Many thanks again to all the people who follow this project and to all the sponsors.

Hello everyone!! Today I will show here the process I made to cut the acrylic and his folding to model the case shape. I hope you enjoy the result. Many thanks to all who follow this topic and all the sponsors.  

Hello everyone !!! I’ll post here today some of the parts I want to paint the same color of the case . In fact I still have a lot to be painted. I believe we still will take some two weeks until all the whole case be fully ready for the final painting. So far only minor modifications will post before final painting of the case. I would like to thank everyone that follow this project.  

        Hello Guys !! This past week has been developing the outside of the case. Because it is a very detailed work I believe I’ll have a lot of work for installation after cutting the acrylic. I hope I can do the way I’m planning. My idea is to use a yellow acrylic, folding and after you’re done, remove the case and the pieces and paint them as the design color. This will actually be the most laborious part of my project. Many thanks again to all of LDLC staff, sponsors and all who follow this topic.

Ongoing project

Hello guys!! This time I would like to show my idea that I would love to move to the case. First I will use a hard paper to be able to make the shape of acrylic and have a base as it will be after it’s done. In fact I am very concerned about the process after the acrylic cut. Sure to be a very difficult job can align acrylic curves in order to have a satisfactory result. I hope to complete this way the project I’m imagining. I will have a lot of work ahead and as the process,…