GTX980ti mount

Hi again! So .. came up with the idea to mount the GPU with a 90 degree angle 🙂 And create a structure for it so the system can be shipped if needed. I had to enlarge some holes in the PCB. And change some block stand-offs. You can see I also mounted the PCI-e extender for more stability. And .. to the radiator. And as last, a 6mm nickelplated copper bar instead of the pci-panel Till next time!

Hi all! So I mounted the pump 🙂 also preparing some small ideas for the PSU Then I got the idea to flip the GPU .. such a shame if we only see the backplate. So will be using the best extender I ever tried (up to 60cm) Maybe under an angle?

Hi all! In my previous post you could see a video of me mounting the blocks. Here are also some photos. This was when I mounted the CPU and memory block. Always love to see this .. a naked GPU 🙂 Little mod to the memory block And the GPU block mounted. And here some photos of all polished blocks mounted. Till next time!

How about a little video this time 🙂 Photos will follow this week.

I was ready to mount the blocks to the hardware but then decided to polish the blocks. This will look better with the Aurora 2 liquid. So disassembled them. And off to my attic! 5 minutes with P600, 5 minutes with P3000 and 5 with polishing paste. Clean it from dust. And mounted them back. How about a little video next time?

So happy the liquid cooling parts arrived for my build! Mau was pretty happy with the box too 🙂 Finally unpacked. The liquid I will be using. The Radiator. The new EK D5 pump I chose for EK CSQ style blocks because I like the circle design for this build. Memory block And GPU block + backplate. All blocks together.

  Hi all! decided to make a panels to hide the cables on the back. Also panels for the PSU which will come later. As you can see I’m trying to do as much as possible without expensive tools like lasercutters or CNC mills. For that you sometimes need to be creative 🙂 Used the old panel mounting to add another panel behind the original. Extra wire hole for the fans mounted to the radiator Removed a part to create more space for the PSU    

Today I started with removing all the stickers I could find. When removing the SSD sticker I came with an other idea. Why not use acrylic 🙂   Lots of holes.   And little bolts and nuts Satisfied with the result 🙂 Back in his cage!

Windows 2

Finally a destination for this the blue acrylic! I know the D-frame panels look and feel (tempered glass) really well as they are .. but just had to change them. My lovely old 100kg jigsaw Used these tools to be certain the panel wouldn’t break and be perfectly 10mm. Sanding the edges. You can see the difference between the two. Much more sanding. Always an awesome moment to pull off the protective layer. Done!

  Hi all! Spent a long week on the idea and frame 🙂 The idea is to actually use the D-frame as the liquidcooling loop and reservoir.   First of all figuring out what to cut and replace with PETG pipe was quite something, also because I’m on a budget. At first I wanted to replace the complete frame but this would be too many Q-blocks and fittings. So had to figure out what to replace and what to keep original to keep the frame stable 🙂 As you can see I wanted to remove much more of the frame…