Episode 21 – FINAL VIDEO – Zalman Z11 RAPT’R

There it is, episode 21. The final video of the “making of” the project.

The mod now has a name; Zalman Z11 RAPT’R.

The name comes from the F22 Raptor fighter jet who I have used a bit in terms of certain shapes.
It was a big inspiration for me. Of course not all the shapes I have used, just elements.

This video shows you around the finished mod. Both in daylight and in the dark with the system powered on.
Now you can really see the special orange UV coolant react to all the UV light in the case.
The system really has 2 different faces. In daylight it is mostly the outside of the case that gets the attention.
But in the dark the inside takes over being bright and attention seeking.

I hope people enjoyed watching the videos of the updates.

The project is at LDLC now and I am looking forward to the Modding Trophy Event in the first week of march 2016.

Hopefully see you there 🙂


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