The Loop & SSD re-mod!

I always like to spend a lot of time on the buildlog with a lot of photos. (Also clickable to big format)
With this big update I needed to find some time but ..
Meanwhile I’m re-doing the livingroom, paint, wallpaper, ceiling, lighting etc.
Promised it my wife 8 months ago, some guys will understand .. there’s no way back once promised 😀

Finally .. the loop!

Decided to go for a 50/50 loop, half bends and half angled fittings.

Not much space and already loosing skin from fittings 🙂

A little further.

Lovely deburrer.

Front view

Decided to re-mod the ssd .. want it to be smaller 🙂

All with just small handtools.

Putting it back together.

Using my strongest glue from work to keep them in place …. grrr

Polishing all acrylic sides gave a nice effect

Also on the SSD

How about a test/filling video next time?

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