Cutting and bending of acrylic

Hello everyone!! Today I will show here the process I made to cut the acrylic and his folding to model the case shape. I hope you enjoy the result. Many thanks to all who follow this topic and all the sponsors.


_DSC0019_wm_wm_DSC0017_wm_wm_DSC0020_wm_wm_DSC0025_wm_wm_DSC0028_wm_wm_DSC0030_wm_wm_DSC0035_wm_wm_DSC0047_wm_wm _DSC0049_wm_wm_DSC0054_wm_wm_DSC0058_wm_wm_DSC0050_wm_wm_DSC0051_wm_wm

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