LDLC Modding Trophy is coming Back!

Here comes finally this new session of our modding Contest. This year LDLC brake fontiers and recruits internationnal competitor to enhance trophy quality…

We are glad to welcome :

  • Thomas Scherrer from France
  • Ronnie Hara from Japan
  • Peter Brands from Netherlands
  • Justin Ohlsen from Sweden.
  • Tim Warning from Netherlands


All theses modders will work with prestigious brand in the way to realse the best mod : Thermaltake, Cooler Master, InWin, Be Quiet, Fractal Design and Zalman !

You will be able to follow all modders and brands through this blog. Feel free to comment and to share your  perception as a comment below the posts.

Lests start the 3rd LDLC Modding Trophy Edition ! Good luck to you all !

MT2015-Thermaltake-Thomas Scherrer MT2015-Coolermaster-Ronnie Hara

 MT2015-Inwin-Bequiet-PeterBrands MT2015-Fractal Design-Justin Ohlsen

MT2015-Zalman-Tim Warning










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