At last, LDLC Modding trophy occured last Thursday 3rd March. Répartition of votes were 20 % LDLC, 40% Jury, 40% VIP. Final Ranking : 1st > Thomas Scherrer / Thermaltake Core X9 Mod 2nd > Peter Brands / INWIN / Bequiet! D-Frame Mini Mod 3rd > Ronnie HARA / COOLERMASTER Master Case PRO 5 Mod 4th > Tim WARNING / ZALMAN Z11 Plus Mod 5th > Justin Ohlsen / FRACTAL DESIGN Define S Mod Congratulations to Thomas for his Work! LDLC Team

Hello all, Here are the final photos of the mod 🙂 Many Thank LDLC, THERMALTAKE, ASROCK, NVIDIA, INNO3D, INTEL, SAMSUNG and GSKILL.

There it is, episode 21. The final video of the “making of” the project. The mod now has a name; Zalman Z11 RAPT’R. The name comes from the F22 Raptor fighter jet who I have used a bit in terms of certain shapes. It was a big inspiration for me. Of course not all the shapes I have used, just elements. This video shows you around the finished mod. Both in daylight and in the dark with the system powered on. Now you can really see the special orange UV coolant react to all the UV light in the case. The…

Finally finished! I’ll name it .. ‘L3peau’ 🙂 (Click for highres)   The first time when I saw the In Win D-Frame I thought … Liquidcooling! Tubing! More than a year later I got invited for the LDLC Modding Trophy to work with In Win and Bequiet, I felt so honored! Also very excited because I could finally see what could be done with the D-Frame Mini. My goal was to actually use the frame as a reservoir for the pc inside. With this mod I tried to use as many as possible easy tools like a jigsaw, handsaw, file,…

Core X9 Door

Hi All, Mod is finished, Final pictures soon ! But first some pictures of the last partfor the case : the doors : And a little teaser 😉

Well here is a video of the system being filled up. It is not too fluent as the PWM pump does not go full power unless hooked up to a working system. Very annoying. I need a workaround for that. Maybe some sort of pwm controller to go with my loop filling PSU.

Just wanted to share these few photos before I make my final post 🙂 I got some questions about what fittings I used to do this. Well this is the complete kit: Also had to test the system on a 4K tv, love the GTX980Ti! And the build .. and me 🙂 Time to pack!

In this episode I walk you around the loop I made using PETG tubing and hardline fittings. I also talk about some of the design aspects of it and what coolant I will be using.

        I come here with great joy and pride to present the final photos of the project. Were a few months to many worry and sleepless nights. Many thanks to all the people who have followed this topic and all the organizers and sponsors of this event              

Hello and welcome to the final update for my project Signature, a case mod featuring the Fractal Design Define S mid tower chassis. Before I start with any specifications or naming the modifications that I have done with this project, I would like to take the opportunity to thank LDLC for giving me the opportunity to compete, Fractal Design for wishing to have me represent them, and all of the other partners who have taken part in this event and provided the parts for my project. The system specifications are as follows: Intel Core i7 4790K Asrock Extreme 9 ATX…